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From: shoguntim AT aol DOT com (ShogunTim)
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Subject: Re: DJGPP does DirectX? Really?
Date: 4 Oct 1997 12:01:37 GMT
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> ... how do I get DJGPP to run with DirectX? Are we talking >about DirectX
> 5.0? Give me a website... =)
>I'm not sure about the Direct X version, but go to my home page, >look in the 
>links section and you'll find a link to WinAlleg. That's Allegro >ported to 
>Windows, using Direct X.

This is true, except WinAlleg and DirectX is for Windows95 meaning you couldn't
 use it with DJGPP alone.  Its most likely not possible to use DirectX
 libraries in DOS, since its for a different operating system. 

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