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Date: 3 Oct 1997 02:54:22 GMT
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Vic <tudor AT cam DOT org> wrote:

: It's free as the daylight! Now, to drop the poetic stuff and get real,
: the only exception is the C++ lib developed at Barklay. But you have a
: replacement. So in the end, you don't pay ANYTHING for using DJGPP.
: (about the C++ lib, use -liostr ,AFAIK, to link in the free one).

Hi, there.

If this is a reference to libgpp.a, the GNU C++ library, I might just add
that this library is not only free, it's "superfree" -- and the conditions
of the GNU Library General Public License are intended to keep it that way
by insuring that users of programs compiled with this library will also
have access to object or source code so that can get the full benefits of
the library, etc.

It's true that some developers in some situations might find the
conditions of the LGPL inconvenient, and if so, your message very
helpfully people to the DJGPP alternatives which should work fine for many

Most respectfully,
Margo Schulter
mschulter AT value DOT net

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