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Shawn Lefebre <shmeb AT ziplink DOT net DOT spammy> wrote:
: Well this is pretty embarasing.  I jut downloaded all of the files for
: DJGPP, unzipped them, set up my autoexec the way they asked, and rebooted
: the computer.  I can't find out where the program is to start writing.  Or
: is there one there?  Does DJGPP have a program to write the program with a
: run button in it?  Or is it just a compiler?

Please see README.1ST and the DJGPP FAQ for a list of the various
utilities included in DJGPP, which features not only the GNU C compiler
(GCC) but many UNIX-like tools.

GCC is itself a command-line compiler, as explained in the basic
documents. However, DJGPP optionally includes two alternative IDE's
(Integrated Development Environments): Emacs and RHIDE.

While I prefer Emacs myself, I've heard that many people prefer RHIDE, and
they're both great free programs.

In fact, you could write your C programs with any ASCII text editor, but
RHIDE and Emacs have special features to help with compiling and
correcting errors in your code.

Most respectfully,

Margo Schulter
mschulter AT value DOT net

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