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How about if you can predefine some options for the compiler and can change
it whenever you want?

For example:
	Build a template for compilation with full optimization for final product.
	Build a template for compilation with debug information.

	Then you can change the options by selecting one of this templates easily,
so you can compile with the current options in the template selected.

	I personally think it would be useful for me, I dont know if it would be
useful for other people, maybe yes.
	Please, think about it Robert.

	I know this can be achieved by creating 2 projects for every program, so
you can change to one project for compila for final release and change to
the other for compile with debug information, but I think this is not a
good solution.

	Finally I want to thankyou, and thank to all the contributors to RHIDE, a
good and powerfull IDE for FREE!


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