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Subject: set_descriptor 8 byte buffer
Date: 1 Oct 1997 22:42:01 GMT
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Yes, I *have* looked at the help and faq... anyway...

I have been working with get/set discriptor functions a know what *most* of the
 bit's in the 8 byte selector string thing (like the segment limit, base
 address, and granular etc...), but these have eluded me :(

Thank you any and all help :)

- type of what?
 [5] ---- XXXX = type

- does this have to be application?
 [5] ---X ---- = 0=system, 1=application

- what type of privileges... 1=reading, 2=writing, 3=reading & writing?
 [5] -XX- ---- = priviledge level

- i don't have a clue what this is for... segments? what does making the to
do compared to having them absent?
 [5] X--- ---- = 0=absent, 1=present

- what good is this for? will i ever need it?
 [6] ---X ---- = available for user

- another one of those things i'm completely unaware of it's purpose...
 [6] -X-- ---- = 0=16-bit 1=32-bit (cs only)


P.S. just a link to a page, or document would be enough 
(i've seached the web, but haven't found anything usefull)

needs a quote badly

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