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00:01:43 DPMI running out of selectors? (Charles McDowell)
01:32:20 DJGPP and WinEdit (Patrick Niemeyer)
01:46:38 Re: About djgpp net libraries (Sascha Imme)
02:16:27 Re: DJGPP and WinEdit (Dyad255)
02:16:28 Re: Allegro mailing list (Dyad255)
03:34:52 Structs in Asm (Gurunandan R. Bhat)
03:54:07 Alignment problem / binutils 2.8.1 (Jesper Lund)
06:02:03 Re: Serial Problems, can you help ?? (Thomas Demmer)
07:16:58 Re: Structs in Asm (Shawn Hargreaves)
07:50:08 Re: or symbol (Christopher Croughton)
08:16:26 Re: WIP for Allegro (Shawn Hargreaves)
08:16:29 Re: Setpalette knowhow. (Shawn Hargreaves)
09:16:54 Re: Creating User Libraries (Lawrence Kirby)
09:46:28 Calling C functions from assembly? (Rob Kramer)
10:17:49 32bit DOS. (Sampo Niskanen)
10:20:03 Make problem . (Seby Carta)
10:35:40 Re: 32bit DOS. (Chris Croughton)
11:45:06 Re: [Q]: What is going on? (Nate Eldredge)
12:02:57 ANNOUNCE: uploaded to CTAN (Weiqi Gao)
12:17:52 Re: DJGPP and WinEdit (root)
13:33:32 Is there a way to import Linux libs to DJGPP? (root)
14:02:50 ANNOUNCE: DJGPP COM Implementation v0.9b (beta) (Matthew Mastracci)
14:27:06 Re: or symbol (Ben N Shadwick)
15:03:06 sword tool kit (Olivier PERRON)
15:52:16 Win98 wsock.vxd (libsocket, WSock) (Laszlo Vecsey)
16:16:45 ASM GAS book??? (Vic)
17:31:44 Warlock and DJGPP (Michael Krause)
20:02:12 Floating Point Exception (Nicholas Law)
20:02:19 Re: MUD client (Adam W Lee)
20:13:46 Re: Make problem . (Brett Porter)
20:16:23 DJGPP under Win-NT4.0 (David Lenk)
20:48:57 Bug fix: very large response files (Nate Eldredge)
21:01:25 Re: free dos kernel? (Jamiel Sherief)
21:22:58 Re: Floating Point Exception (Nate Eldredge)
21:23:01 Re: Make problem . (Nate Eldredge)
21:23:10 Re: Newbie. crt0.o not recognized: file truncated. (Nate Eldredge)
21:23:33 Re: Calling C functions from assembly? (Gurunandan R. Bhat)
21:31:50 Re: Floating Point Exception (Shawn Hargreaves)
22:01:44 Re: WIP for Allegro (Herman Schoenfeld)
22:16:36 rotation from using allegros camera function (Herman Schoenfeld)
23:02:55 Re: or symbol (Dyad255)
23:19:33 EOF Redefined in Allegro (Brian Osman)
23:32:35 Pascal compilar for DJGPP (Javier Arriero País)

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