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Subject: Re: rhide bug... er... FEATURE!
To: kevind AT phs DOT mat-su DOT k12 DOT ak DOT us (Kevin Dickerson)
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 11:02:51 +1000 (EST)
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From: *** Brett *** <bporter AT rabble DOT uow DOT edu DOT au>
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> Actually, I myself prefer the venerable Edit over every single editor
> I've ever used. It takes a millisecond to load, has multiple cut, paste
> (etc.) key commands (i.e. CTRL-C & SHIFT-DELETE both cut a block) and
> you can open multiple files & switch windows very easily. IMHO, Robert,
> you should ponder including user-defined keys, or a key config file, or
Look a little harder at your RHIDE stuff. There are some keybinding files
which allow you to change the key mappings!

> Actualy, that is a good suggestion. I've found that whenever I use
> RHDIE, I accidentally delete half my code from using the delete key in
> the wrong way. :-)
??? In my RHIDE the DEL key cuts the whole block, and I haven't cahnged the
keybindings. It is still a pain if you are used to Windows, because DEL in
Windoze is a clear, where RHIDE does a cut. But you can still open the
clipboard and reselect the stuff you may have accidentally change

You get used to it.


Brett Porter
bporter AT rabble DOT uow DOT edu DOT au
	Humour, Programming, and more.

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