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Subject: Re: Allegro true-color problem.
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997 01:53:38 +0100
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Sheraz Mahmood writes:
>I just got allegro WIP.  I tired the test.exe file and tried to use the
>autodetect with 640x480 res, and 32 bit color, it says that i my
>computer does not support this res. I have a ATI 3D Xpression with PC2TV
>and 4mags of vram.  what is the problem?

Are you sure you card supports 32 bit modes? Allegro can only use what
resolutions the VESA driver provides: use the VESAINFO test program to
check what is available on your system. Allegro should be able to use
any of the truecolor modes from that list: if there are any that it
fails to set, something is wrong with my code and I'd like to see a copy
of the VESAINFO output...

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