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Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997 13:28:55 -0600
From: "Allen J. Batton" <"abatton AT qni DOT com">
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Subject: Problem with 'config.bat' in Fileutils version 2

Well, I might've not explained myself completely on the last post I
made.  Ok, I unzipped the file '' into the directory that I
created djgpp in. which was 'c:\djgpp\'.  '' created the
directory '\gnu\filutil3.16\'.  Inside that directory it has a file
called 'install' which tells you what you need to do to compile it like
'Allegro'.  It says you need to run the file
'\gnu\filutil3.16\djgpp\config.bat' then after that file use 'make' and
it will setup the fileutils, but when I use the config.bat file I get
the error 'I cannot find the configure script in directory .'  The
configure file is in the directory with the config.bat, So that takes
that possible solution out.  What I need the fileutils for is setting up
the Emacs files. I need the ls,rm,exc...

Joshua Batton

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