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Egg brains <eggbrains AT aol DOT com> wrote in article
<19970831013800 DOT VAA25889 AT ladder01 DOT news DOT aol DOT com>...
> i have 25-30kb of code and my exe is 250k !!!
> is this because of lib's i've linked? and i only linked standard c/c++
> libs...  is their a way i could fource djgpp to only include the
> code?  if not, does the source for the lib's come with djgpp's own
> boy, what alot of questions :)

I hate to give the standard reply, but read the FAQ. In particular,
read section 8.15

In short, compile and link with the -s switch, which will omit the
symbol tables from the resulting COFF files. And if this still 
isn't enough, get ahold of djp, which is an executable compressor
that was written for djgpp. (It usually averages 40-50% on my system)

In my experience, all 32bit compilers are geared more towards larger
programs than smaller. Of course should DJGPP adopt shared libraries 
and runtime linkage, this could change dramatically. (Although there
are also pros and cons to this kind of approach as well)

Also, djgpp only links in the necessary code anyways. So don't worry about
it including massive amounts of dead code behind your back.

And yes, the library sources are available in the /v2 directory in the
file (though this isn't the cause of your problem or
a solution in this case)

Good luck.

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