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Egg brains <eggbrains AT aol DOT com> wrote:
> i have 25-30kb of code and my exe is 250k !!!
> is this because of lib's i've linked? and i only linked standard c/c++
> libs...  is their a way i could fource djgpp to only include the 'critical'
> code?  if not, does the source for the lib's come with djgpp's own source?

Actually, DJGPP has sensed you haven't read the FAQ and inserted this extra
bloat as punishment. :)

Seriously, this is discussed in the FAQ and has been discussed ad naseum
here. A few quick points:

1) It has very little to do with libraries. The GNU linker is very smart and
   will only link with needed object files inside the libraries.
2) DJGPP forces some code (such as wildcard globbing and environment file
   loading) to always be included. Check the FAQ to see how to get rid of
3) gcc includes symbol and debugging information by default. Invoke gcc with
   the '-s' switch or run 'strip' on the resulting executable to get rid of
   this information.
4) No, the source for libc and gcc are kept seperate.


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