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00:03:20 Re: Splines in Allegro v2.2 (Gautam N. Lad)
00:28:04 Re: Allegro program crashes on exit (A. Sinan Unur)
00:28:12 Re: Random numbers... (A. Sinan Unur)
01:34:17 Re: Writing a struct to disk (Einstein)
01:34:18 Re: Problems TeXing the gcc manual (Weiqi Gao)
01:34:19 Re: ALLEGRO : check for Line intersecting a point . . . how? (tom burgess)
01:47:21 Re: Allegro Dialogs and crashes... (Adam Christopher Lawrence)
01:47:22 Re: Question about making maps for tile-based games (Temujin)
01:47:25 Re: installing djgpp (from mike) (John M. Aldrich)
02:13:48 unusual? (Joe Havelick)
02:42:59 Re: dual monitors (Matthew Mastracci)
03:06:59 Re: 16bpp PutPixel (ludvig)
03:07:53 Re: RHIDE and NASM (Matthew Mastracci)
03:09:50 djgpp help! (Ezatullah)
03:09:51 [Q] mucking about with the 'inline' statement (Egg brains)
03:34:33 Re: A* Algorithm (Peter J. Farley III)
04:19:44 CatalogMart delivers qualified traffic. (Denise Navetta)
05:12:25 Re: TestHtmlMail. Readable ? Pls Reply : Pls Reply; (George Kinney)
06:09:50 Re: True random numbers. (Erik Max Francis)
06:23:42 Re: RHIDE - Drops to DOS when scrolling a large file (100k ish) (Richard Sanders)
07:19:56 Re: Q: How to programmatically set a dos window to full screen ? (Regis BOSSUT)
07:27:53 rhide bug (Alan Poppleton)
07:35:47 Re: Function Sizes (how to in asm?) (A. Sinan Unur)
09:04:37 Re: How to make DLL's ? (Paul Derbyshire)
09:48:26 Re: DJGPP Zip Picker (Paul Derbyshire)
09:48:33 Re: PLEASE HELP!!!! (Paul Derbyshire)
11:30:15 Re: NEWBIE Question:namespaces (
11:33:45 Syntax-help in emacs (Paul Derbyshire)
11:51:01 Re: file_exists() (
12:50:20 Re: Writing a struct to disk (Erik Max Francis)
14:20:32 Re: Setup Problems (Jaime Spellings)
14:20:33 TUTORIAL FOR ALLEGRO? (Mike Coulson)
14:33:53 Please Help - "Here is make.exe ?" (Prometeus)
14:33:55 Re: Setup Problems (Jaime Spellings)
17:03:53 I need to know how to read, and write to a different file (Theomorph2)
17:03:58 pcx and palettes ??? (moabdib)
19:33:36 Re: djgpp help! (Phil Speller)
19:33:37 Re: How to use real mode structure allocated in protected mode? (Wojciech Galazka)
19:33:38 Re: Allegro problem (Paul Derbyshire)
20:02:50 Re: NEWBIE Question:namespaces (Bill Currie)
20:02:57 Re: Function Sizes (how to in asm?) (Bill Currie)
20:02:58 Re: Functions in struct's... possible? How? (Erik Max Francis)
20:03:08 Re: Function Sizes (Bill Currie)
20:11:55 Re: Help with GDT and protection on pentium (Bill Currie)
21:32:57 Allegro WIP problem (Mike McLean)
21:33:02 Re: Question about textout (Gautam N. Lad)
21:54:07 RE: Winsock from DJGPP Program (John Stratoudakis)
22:00:01 Re: really simple makefile, but.. (Bill Currie)
22:05:01 Re: unusual? (M. Schulter)
22:18:45 templates in DJGPP (gyroscope)
22:18:48 Making DLL's (Meta)
22:29:05 Re: MPEG3 Audio (Orlando Andico)
22:33:36 Re: DJGPP Zip Picker (Shawn Hargreaves)
23:19:32 Re: GAS craziness (not assembling legal instructions) (Alexis Roda)

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