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From: ao950 AT FreeNet DOT Carleton DOT CA (Paul Derbyshire)
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Subject: Re: DJGPP patch for GNU Emacs calc?
Date: 19 Aug 1997 06:55:48 GMT
Organization: The National Capital FreeNet
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M. Schulter (mschulter AT  DOT value DOT net) writes:
> Hi, there.
> Recently I learned of a great package: GNU Emacs Calc, which has been
> called a "poor person's Mathematica." It looks like another great reason
> to use DJGPP and Emacs.
> After getting the usual distribution, I visited DJ's Web site and learned
> that apparently this package needs some patches in order to work
> successfully in the MS-DOS 8.3 filespace. As I recall, Eli reported doing
> the patch and running GNU Emacs Calc in DJGPP, and generously offered to
> make this patch available to interested DJGPP users.

The PATCH? Why force users to download the calc and the patch and
patch.exe and run it, and post all kinds of patch questions here, instead
of just patching emacs calc and distributing a working DOS 8.3 binary and
dox and sources?
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