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From: "Stefan Schimanski" <stefan DOT schimanski AT metronet DOT de>
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Subject: Re: Allegro TCP/IP Support ?
Date: 16 Aug 1997 21:04:13 GMT
Organization: Metronet Kommunikationsdienste GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
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I've seen some tcp libs at

I hope this will help

R. Barry Jones <rbjones AT therightside DOT demon DOT co DOT uk> schrieb im Beitrag
<33f38e75 DOT 161162 AT news DOT demon DOT co DOT uk>...
> Well, it hasnt got it yet but I hope somebody will do some routines.
> What i would like is to be able to make an Internet game in DJGPP for
> DOS which will work over the Internet via the TCP/IP connection set up
> in windows 3.11 or 95.
> Are there any easy and relaibel libraries which do this yet ?
> Im used to using Delphi for making Internet stuff by using a Sockets
> components which is easy to use.
> Barry
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