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Have you got these files?

einstein DOT lam AT usa DOT net

Atte Koivula wrote:

> Hi,
> I just deleted and re-installed DJGPP only to find out it's somehow screwed
> up. I've installed all the necessary packages mentioned on Brennan's DJGPP
> page (apart from the pklite-type thing and I installed a newer version of
> the GNU BinUtils), but something isn't right... I can't even compile a
> simple "Hello World!"-program without adding -liostream (I'm using
> C++-syntax, meaning I've included iostream.h and I'm using cout instead of
> printf) as a compilation parameter. Now, this DOES work this way, but
> before I deleted DJGPP, I didn't need to add this parameter (in other words
> link the source code with the iostream library)... It's kinda frustrating
> to get a 250k hello.exe. I've set the DJGPP environment variable, djgpp\bin
> is in my PATH and all the files in the packages are in the default dirs
> (the ones defined within the zips). I even tried installing DJGPP twice,
> and I triple-checked I had all the necessary packages to compile both C and
> C++ programs, but to no avail. Someone plz help me!
> Atte "Yorka" Koivula

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