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Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 16:52:32 -0200
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Subject: Re: Writing a struct to disk
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>Under djgpp, what is the best way to write a bunch of structs to a
>file?  For instance, I'd like to write a linked list to a file node by
>node, then be able to read the nodes back and reconstruct the list.  A
>node could be something like the following:
>struct node {
>  int number;
>  unsigned char age;
>  char *name;
>  node *next;
>The ints and chars would be relatively easy, but I don't see how a
>variable length string could be written.  Of course, the node pointer
>wouldn't be written.

You can use the technique which used in PASCAL:
 1. write [length] of string (include last zero character) as  int16 (in
many cases int16 enough)
 2. write string as a array of unsigned char
 1. read [length] of string as int16
 2. get [length] unsigned chars from heap 
 3. read into this memory block [length] chars from file.

Alexander Bokovoy, <bokovoy AT bspu DOT ac DOT by>
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