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Glenn <gamester101 AT geocities DOT com> wrote in article
<33F72078 DOT 8F9C29EF AT geocities DOT com>...
> How do I make programs for windows using the djgpp compiler, pls answer
> me ,I'm in dire need of your help
>                                                     thanks for the time
> and the bandwidth :-)

For DOS boxes, you compile them.

For actual GUI windows apps, you get a different compiler.
(or RSXNT-DJ, which uses most of the DJGPP package as well)

There are ports of gcc to win32 available, the two I know of
are from Cygnus, and the GNU people (FSF). I don't know the
status of these projects, since I haven't actually used 
either port personally. Other people in this group could 
probably shed some more insight on them. (or the GNU groups too)

If you only want to do C (no C++) then you might want to look at
LCC-WIN32, which is a port of LCC (a portable, 32bit C compiler) 
to win32, and includes a decent set of developement tools.
(It's very compact, weighing in at under 6 Meg unzipped, 1.3Meg 
 zipped, including all libs and developement tools needed)

Of course, I am assuming you are not new to windows programming,
so you already own a good book on the subject. *hint* *hint*

All of these are easy to turn up in a search engine. Good luck.

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