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From: "Tom Cook" <tcook AT nexus DOT edu DOT au>
To: "DJGPP mailing list." <djgpp AT delorie DOT com>,
"Christian Lorenz-Wende" <CLW AT softavenue DOT fi>
Subject: Re: A simple stupid question about COPYRIGHTS
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997 20:18:11 +0930
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Check out Chapter 19 of the FAQ. As far as I can make out, you can
redistribute DJGPP for free or with a charge, so long as you maintain
appropriate credits, include the original copyright and a few other things.

Hope this helps.

Tom Cook

> From: Christian Lorenz-Wende <CLW AT softavenue DOT fi>
> To: djgpp AT delorie DOT com
> Subject: A simple stupid question about COPYRIGHTS
> Date: Sunday, 17 August 1997 6:19
> Now, assuming IŽd sell programming manuals (which I have
> written myself) to ordinary people (in Finland (EUROPE!)),
> and included the DJGPP compiler to the package, would I
> violate your copyrights?
>  I guess any kind of commercial distribution of the DJGPP
> is forbidden, but if the DJGPP is not THE actual product
> sold (which is the programming guide generally about C++),
> is it still forbidden? Even if I don't try to sell the
> guide with advertizements of DJGPP? 
>  Well, anyone can obtain the DJGPP from the net, even
> "commercial" computer magazines include DJGPP on their
> CD's and offer them for downloading in their mailboxes..
> so in a way it wouldn't matter, but I guess it's about
> principles.
> -Chris from Finland who whishes to apologize for his
>  mistakes in the english language of this "letter"
> CLW AT softavenue DOT fi

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