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Subject: Re: How fast is DJGPP?
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J.E. wrote:
> I have just one question that people seem to be afraid to answer, no
> matter how many times I post it.

such discussions usually degenerate into 'mine is better than yours'
arguments which is not fun to follow (just look at the thread going on
under 'driectx compatibilit'). if, however, you are really interested in
what people had to say in the past on this topic, you can peruse the
mailing list archives at or go to and search fro relevant posts there.

> I'm trying to decide whether I should use Turbo C++ 3.0 or DJGPP.  

never used a 16-bit compiler (ok, i _had_ to use msvc 1.52 for a
project, but never willingly.) i think the choice is straightforward.

  -- Sinan

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