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From: Matthew Mastracci <mmastrac AT acs DOT ucalgary DOT ca>
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Subject: DJGPP and NASM together (problem fixed)
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 08:38:50 -0600
Organization: The University of Calgary
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Sorry for the spam...  it turns out the document was not available (people
were getting 403 forbidden).  The original problem appears to have been
fixed, so I'll just repost that message: 

---- Repost Start ----

     NASM has had a new release, fixing some minor problems with the new
macro facilities and now includes precompiled Win32 binaries as well.  The
latest DOS-compiled binaries are at:

     djgppasm.doc is a document running through the steps to get DJGPP and
NASM to work together.  It's written to lead you from 16 to 32-bit mode,
giving you a chance to catch your breath along this perilous journey.  ;) 
It has gone though a few maintenance changes (typos and the lot), and is
always avaliable at:

     Examples from the file are available in a separate archive, along
with a makefile.  The URL is:

Comments, suggestions and additions are always welcome.  Thanks for all
the positive support!


/\/\att /\/\astracci                  mmastrac AT acs DOT ucalgary DOT ca

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