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Mike <mike AT onyxnet DOT co DOT uk> wrote in article
<33f89c3c DOT 4167796 AT nntp DOT onyx DOT net>...
> Hi
> I am trying to get djgpp working.  I have unzipped *everything* into
> e:\djgpp with /s.  I have set up the variable using
                If this isn't a typo, then it is a problem. It should
be -d. If you open the e:\djgpp directory, and don't see the directories,
\bin, \info, \lib, \include, etc. then it will need to be re-installed 

>I have added the e:\djgpp\bin directory to my path.

This is a good idea, but still lacks another vital step.

You need to add the e:\djgpp\djgpp.env to your environment,
either by the line:


to your autoexec.bat, or by calling the batchfile SETDJGPP.BAT,
which is located in the DJGPP\BIN directory, and would be
called as such:


(also from within AUTOEXEC.BAT)

This *is* all covered in the README.1ST file, but I felt like being
generous today.

> I would be grateful if anyone could explain to me what I have done
> wrong.

Hopefully the above will get you up and going. Good luck.

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