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Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 08:22:24 +0000
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Subject: Re: IEEE488 code for djgpp
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> > > I desperately need some IEE488 code for controlling a counter with a
> > > djgpp-control program.
> > There are some references on djgpp mail archive in
> > djgpp/1997/06/13/(search for gpib)

>> I couldn`t make it work, so I don`t know too much, but it has 
>>an example.
> > Razvan
> It is on
> I have it running and control DANTEC BSAs, a traverse and
> a voltmeter. Hopefully I'm now not too busy answering
> questions.
Hi Tom!

I'll start with the short list of questions:
1) I couldn`t find the documentation. Could you point to it more 
specific, please?
2) I don`t know anything about PCIIA. My card is compatible with  
PCL-784 (whatever this means), which is the only mode the manual 
speaks about,  and can be switched to NI-PCII. From GPIB.cnf I 
understand that the only base adress valid for PCII is 0x2e1. Anyway 
could you point me some manuals on PCII?
3) I couldn`t figure out the directory structure.


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