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00:06:05 Re: A funny thing happened! (Lawrence Kirby)
00:44:12 Re: Emacs diskspace usage (M. Schulter)
01:06:18 Prime number generation (Charles Krug)
02:11:37 Remapping RHIDE keys (*** Brett ***)
02:12:26 Inline functions in DJGPP (*** Brett ***)
02:16:35 Funky text mode dimensions (*** Brett ***)
02:16:36 Mixing Win32 compiler with djgpp (Allegro, etc.) (Mitchell Spector)
02:16:38 Re: Newbie Question : File Manipulations in C++ (Erik Max Francis)
03:35:02 Re: two questions about getting source code (John M. Aldrich)
03:35:09 Re: How much of the .EXE gets used? (John M. Aldrich)
03:35:11 Re: DJGPP compiler error (Erik Max Francis)
03:45:36 Re: Random numbers... (Erik Max Francis)
03:45:41 Re: A funny thing happened! (Lawrence Kirby)
03:45:50 Re: Precompiled Headers? (Peter Berdeklis)
03:52:51 Re: [Q] expression evaluation order (Erik Max Francis)
03:57:57 Re: [Q] Bug with printf? (John M. Aldrich)
04:26:29 ALLEGRO : check for Line intersecting a point . . . how? (Thomas Harte)
04:26:40 Re: Integer variables (Phil Speller)
05:34:56 Re: I don't know how to compile! (firewind)
05:35:01 Re: Help to edit JAW files for plush (Colin Walsh)
05:49:30 pb with long double (Gesam)
10:19:44 Re: ALLEGRO : check for Line intersecting a point . . . how? (Andrew Deren)
10:49:01 Re: Help to edit JAW files for plush (Colin Walsh)
10:49:02 Re: random numbers (Peter J. Farley III)
10:49:06 RHIDE mouse Under NT 3.51 (Mike McLean)
11:55:36 Re: The DJGPP Oracle (M. Schulter)
12:03:03 windows 95 (Glenn)
12:08:08 Re: The is world dropping MS-DOS. What about DJGPP? (Was Re: Quake (Adam W Lee)
12:08:13 Re: Integer variables (Adam W Lee)
12:23:13 Re: [Q] wrapping functions with linker (Paul Derbyshire)
12:32:40 Re: The DJGPP Oracle (Eli Zaretskii)
12:33:20 Re: The DJGPP Oracle (Eli Zaretskii)
12:34:37 Re: Parse Error Before '*' (Eli Zaretskii)
12:35:13 Re: Need help using select() under Win95 (Eli Zaretskii)
12:36:52 Re: C++ overhead, embedded structs/enums/classes, and link times (Eli Zaretskii)
12:38:43 a small pmode question (Persona)
12:38:44 fastest pixel routine? (Pauldo)
12:44:58 Re: web2c: where is makeindex? (Eli Zaretskii)
13:00:17 Re: Capturing DJGPP mesages to a file (Eli Zaretskii)
13:04:19 Re: Newbie Question: Speed of indirection lookups (Eli Zaretskii)
13:04:57 Re: Function Sizes (Eli Zaretskii)
13:07:55 Re: Changes the size of exe or not? (Eli Zaretskii)
13:08:31 Re: C++ overloaded operators and operator preceedence (Erik Max Francis)
13:08:32 GT Pantera (Martin Burns)
13:24:16 Re: Font problem (Shawn Hargreaves)
13:53:38 Re: How fast is DJGPP? (Lonnie McCullough)
13:53:39 run from any path?? (Vlatko Surlan)
14:38:22 Re: Random numbers... (George Foot)
14:38:23 Need expert opinion on porting watcom asm to inline DJGPP (Ian McArdle)
14:38:31 Re: make.exe error messages (George Foot)
14:56:51 missing files? (Justin Kraft)
15:07:34 Re: Is the world dropping MS-DOS? What about DJGPP? (Smith A. Cat)
15:07:38 Re: DJGPP and NASM together (Nick Carter)
16:22:26 Re: The DJGPP Oracle (George Foot)
16:22:33 Re: The DJGPP Oracle (A. Sinan Unur)
16:51:07 Re: The DJGPP Oracle (Lovecraft)
17:38:43 Re: A Very New Beginner (George Foot)
18:36:02 Re: PCX displaying help (George Foot)
18:36:08 Re: Allegro - Mouse Problems (George Foot)
20:21:18 Re: less is more (was: The DJGPP Oracle) (M. Schulter)
20:35:35 Re: Don't get mad (Erik Max Francis)
20:59:25 Re: assembler o/p with cpp source (Bill Currie)
21:00:13 Re: Precompiled Headers? (Orlando Andico)
21:20:18 Re: SIGSEGV for unknown reason in wireframe drawer (Gingko 69)
21:20:20 Re: Linux to DOS Problem (Erik Max Francis)
21:37:28 Re: DJGPP Web2c TeX (was: Is the world dropping MS-DOS?) (M. Schulter)
22:23:47 Allegro help (Ross Boast)
23:21:07 system( "start win32app") from DOS program (Robert D. Gifford)
23:34:05 Re: DJGPP Web2c TeX (was: Is the world dropping MS-DOS?) (Gurunandan R. Bhat)

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