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00:04:13 Physical_address_mapping needs help (Joakim Svensson)
00:04:14 Re: Precompiled Headers? (
00:06:49 page switching and grx, bcc2grx (Rotes Sapiens)
00:32:49 Re: Parse Error Before '*' (A. Sinan Unur)
00:47:57 Allegro TCP/IP Support ? (R. Barry Jones)
00:48:01 Re: RHIDE debugging. (Robert Hoehne)
01:33:07 Bin2obj for DJGPP? (Tobias Westerblom)
01:49:40 Re: Bin2obj for DJGPP? (Robert Hoehne)
01:51:10 LWP (Dim Zegebart)
02:38:09 Re: [Q] expression evaluation order (Charles Krug)
05:43:27 Re: generating 16-bit code (286 and lower) (Esa A E Peuha)
06:33:14 Re: Formatting (Tomas Kouba)
06:37:13 Re: [Q] expression evaluation order (Chris Croughton)
07:33:21 random number? (Matt McFadden)
09:00:16 Re: generating 16-bit code (286 and lower) (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
09:01:28 Re: Formatting (Alexander Bokovoy)
09:03:56 Re: Was about RHIDE and Emacs. (Peter Steiner)
09:19:19 web2c: where is makeindex? (Patrick Bogaart)
09:33:31 Re: How fast is DJGPP? (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
09:41:30 Re: Abnormal Program Termination (Hans-Bernhard Broeker)
11:49:04 Re: Font problem (Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz)
11:49:05 Re: IEEE488 code for djgpp (Thomas Demmer)
12:18:15 Re: How fast is DJGPP? (Alexander Bokovoy)
12:53:07 Redirection problem (DSH)
13:30:07 Re: Redirection problem (Alexander Bokovoy)
14:50:52 Sound libs : MIDAS versus Seal (Henrik Schmidt)
15:49:09 Re: [Q] expression evaluation order (Erik Max Francis)
16:48:30 DJGPP compiler error (Tim Thompson)
17:04:28 :::::::: LOWEST IN USA ::::::::::::::::::: (
17:04:31 Re: windows 95 (Andrew Crabtree)
17:52:08 RSXNTDJ 1.3.1 - problem w/Resource Compiler (Cesar Scarpini Rabak)
18:40:02 Re: Can I port my code to a Mac? (Garry Roseman)
19:20:42 Re: Where to find info of VBE/AF (Shawn Hargreaves)
19:20:56 Re: windows NT and DJGPP (Revin Guillen)
19:34:17 Re: Capturing DJGPP mesages to a file (Yojimbo)
20:04:40 Re: pb with long double (M. Schulter)
20:50:58 line-level profiling (Hoogenraad, dr. J.H.)
21:35:31 Re: Volatile (Andrew Crabtree)
21:48:15 GAS craziness (not assembling legal instructions) (Lonnie McCullough)
22:35:18 Re: DJGPP compiler error (Aldo)
23:03:11 Re: Question about #pragma (Lonnie McCullough)
23:15:47 Re: How fast is DJGPP? (Chirayu Krishnappa)

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