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Subject: Re: DJGPP G++ compilation error
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Date: 4 Aug 1997 20:18:11 GMT
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mlinvle AT inlink DOT com wrote:
: On Sat, 19 Jul 1997 00:26:45 GMT, garyt AT pacific DOT net DOT sg (Gary Tan)
: wrote:
: >I can't seem to compile my .cpp programs
: I *think* you need to rename .cpp to .cc (although, again, look though
: the readme file *and* the djgppfaq for further info...)

Hi, there.

While .cc should work, and might be the most "standard" form, the gcc docs
indicate that .C, .cc, .cpp, or .cxx are all permissible extensions for
C++ source code files.

Note that a command line with uppercase .C as an extension, say


identifies the file as C++, while


is presumed to be a C file.

While DOS may not be case-sensitive, DJGPP's GCC follows UNIX conventions
in definitely noticing such distinctions <grin>.

Most respectfully,

Margo Schulter
mschulter AT value DOT net

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