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Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 20:03:39 -0500
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From: Conrad Wei-Li Song <conradsong AT mail DOT utexas DOT edu>
Subject: Re: Linear Framebuffer with 4 GB RAM

>It seems that you guys didn't hear about the Finnish company that invented
>a new RAM type based on color-changing bio material. With multiple layers,
>a credit-card-sized chip can store about 17 terabyte. It's accessed with laser
>light so it's VERY fast. And it is a permanent memory (like a hard disk)
>that material doesn't change its color when you cut off the power supply.
>Actually, the only problem there is addressing...
>that's NOT a joke!!

Yes, and that's also no where near 2^64... Well, wait.  2^64 seems a little
small: 1.8E19.  Hmmm, is it supposed to be 128-bit addressing when every program
in the universe can have it's own address space?  Somebody help!

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