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From: Brett Leslie Porter <blp01 AT uow DOT edu DOT au>
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Subject: Re: DJGPP Installation
To: odaniel AT tstt DOT net DOT tt (Owen Daniel)
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 09:49:19 +1000 (EST)
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In-Reply-To: <> from Owen Daniel at "Aug 4, 97 03:14:59 pm"
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>     I am now trying to use RHIDE as an ide however, when I attempt
> to compile C++ programs, it RHIDE returns an error that it
> is unable to find the header file iostream.h. and other C++
> header files.
First of all, I am hoping you have all the C++ files as needed (described 
in the FAQ)

Secondly, is the file you are trying to compile a .cpp file or .cc file? 
(I know they are supposedly equivalent, but RHIDE has a problem with 
.cpp. You need to either rename the files to .cc, or see theRHIDE 
homepage to get a few lines to add to djgpp.env so that it knows what to 
do with them)

Apart from this, the only thing I can think of is that the installation 
of DJGPP or RHIDE was incomplete. Trying doing a search of your hard 
drive for the iostream.h file, get the directory of it and add it to the 
"Includes" list in RHIDE.

Hope I was of some help :)


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