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From: Brett Leslie Porter <blp01 AT uow DOT edu DOT au>
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Subject: Re: text video modes
To: Georg DOT Kolling AT t-online DOT de (Georg Kolling)
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 09:44:56 +1000 (EST)
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> Brett Leslie Porter schrieb:
> > > 
> > 132-coloumn modes are SVGA text modes and the best way to get them is 
> > through VESA (i think it's in the faq)
> > the 80x28, 80x.. modes are non-standard, and I'm not sure how they are 
> > implemented.
> Not true! 80x43 is actually an EGA text mode, 80x28, 80x50 and 80x60 are VGA
> standard modes and should be implemented on any VGA compatible graphics card 
Thankyou for correcting me. Would you also be able to tell us how you do 
this? I forgot to mention that I knew 80x43 (EGA) and 80x50 (VGA) modees 
were standard, but I have never sen a reference that describes the 
others as standard. Do you know th mode numbers of mode 80x28, 80x60?
What lead me to belive some wre non-standard was that in RHIDE, although 
you can set all kinds of funky mode like 80x30 and 94x25, and these are 
supposdly supported by Turbo Vision, they caused a few pixels of 
gibberish to appeear at the bottom of my screen (I have an S3 video 

Sorry for thee mistake, I just don't use text mode much any more...


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