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Subject: Re: Which is better... EMACS or RHIDE?
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 1997 01:39:09 GMT
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On Fri, 1 Aug 1997 17:25:26 GMT, Nate Eldredge <eldredge AT ap DOT net>

>You wrote:
>>Which is a better editor/development environment for DOS development.
>>either of these products be used for professional development or should
>>I buy
>>a professional editor like multi-edit?
>Uh oh, it's holy war time! :-)
>Both are very very good. EMACS seems to be the choice programming editor in
>the UNIX world. It is, however, affected by some restrictions under DOS
>(like no integrated debugging). RHIDE is very similar to the Borland IDE's
>used by many DOS programmers. Either are suited for professional
>development, and IMHO, don't waste your money on commercial software when
>such free options are available.

I guess I never got good enough at emacs; I basically used it like a
rather user-unfriendly "notepad." I have no idea how to make it do the
things Rhide does, and it is pretty big, and has too many cryptic
options than I've been able to sort through or remember.
But I believe everybody that it is the ultimate tool. And there
certainly is no danger of it dying; hence, there is no danger taking
time learning it. I just haven't had the time...

Rhide is install-and-go, and it is small (at least in comparison).
Rhide's best features, for my use, are it's keeping track of all
left-and-right matched parentheses and brackets, highlighing of
keywords and other things, excellent grep and search features, tabbing
and good cut-and-past features, good programming calculator (does bit
shifting, et al- but it won't be perfect until you can copy and past
from it! Major shortcoming!) and above all, the splendid way in which
Rhide keeps track of 8 or 10 or however many files you have in a
"project." I almost never see wierdness with it rebuilding things that
don't need to be, etc. Great IDE for debugging, too, I think; drops
you right at the problem spots for very fast debuggings.

 It took me about 2 months before I finally started using it's
"project" feature- I wasn't really aware of how useful it was. Fact
is, I think Rhide is somewhat problematic, even buggy,  when you try
to use it without it's project feature. But the project thing is
incredibly simple to use. Once you discover the "Project Window" ( for
2 months it was just an irritating window I paid no attention to) and
the "Add Item/Delete Item" , the rest is self-evident. You then
understand the "project" concept.

Things I'd like to see in the future are subtle changes- that
calculator being able to cut/past, grep having some default parameters
(like "*.c *.h" or such) for the 1/3 times I forget to put 'em in- or
how about having Rhide's search have an option to do an
"all-open-windows" search? Also-  fix the fact that anything pasted
from another application ends up shifting itself line-by-line to the
right (solution: open, don't past). 

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