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Subject: Re: Stupid guy needs help
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Art S. Kagel wrote:

> The phrase, in 2), "from that directory" means after CDing to the
> directory that you just created in step 1!  I cannot understand it
> since hundreds of newbies, including me, have installed from these
> instructions over the past year or more.  Even when someone did not
> read the file, pointing that out has always helped before.  But this
> new crop....  Anyway:

A lot of web sites seem to be putting up instructions on what to get 
and how to install it independently; maybe some of these are not 100% 
correct, and the people who are having difficulty might not have read 
readme.1st at all.

On a related note, perhaps the DJGPP Installer could fix this problem 
once and for all. I never managed to make it work, though, and I 
already have a full working installation ;)
George Foot (george DOT foot AT merton DOT ox DOT ac DOT uk)
Merton College, Oxford.

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