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Chris Croughton <crough45 AT amc DOT de> writes:

> For myself, from Intel's very useful reference manuals
> for the processors.  They cost quite a bit, though, or
> did (probably a lot more now).

Avaliable for free from Intel. Look at for links to the
> (You're right about PDF, though.  I don't have anything
> which will read those files...)

go to, and find an acrobat reader for your platform. PDF's
are Portable Document Format files that I believe were created with a converter
that took the typeset stuff they use to create the printed manuals, and turned
it into the downloadable form with a minimum of trouble. It's a bit easier to
work with the acrobat reader than any PostScript viewers I've found. I have
the 386 manual as flat text though if you need it.

Look on the bright side, if you tell it to print the PDF file, the only 
difference between that one and the one you buy is the lack of a cover and 

> Chris

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