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Subject: Re: "Are Allegro's routines fast enough to write Quake-like games?" - No. HUH?
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 08:26:43 GMT
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T DOT Harte AT btinternet DOT com (Thomas Harte) wrote:

>	If any of you are actually interested, I did a one room demo with
>Allegro's t-mapping functions just to check the speed. It's a convex room, so
>there is no order sorting (as there wouldn't be with a BSP tree), and it is
>completely closed (so every pixel is written to, once), and uses clipping code.
>Not mine though. SillyWabbit is the name in the readme. And who am I to argue.

The thing is, Quake doesn't render polygons (AFAIK), it renders spans
which are emitted from a global edge list, used to eliminate overdraw.
The only things in Quake which are rendered as polygons to my
knowledge are the alias models, which are z-buffered.  This means that
no matter how fast Allegro's routines are, you probably couldn't reach
Quake's speed.

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