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Subject: Re: unused registers, realloc
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Georg DOT Kolling AT t-online DOT de (Georg Kolling) wrote

> 1. How can i prevent GCC from using a certain segment register? 
>    Or doesnt it use all segment registers? (Well, cs for code, ds for data,
>    ss for stack, fs for _far stuff... es and gs seem to be unused!)
GCC itself doen't use much, just cs,ds and ss. But libc will use es a lot for 
strings. FS is used only by code using sys/farptr.h (no libc). And GS if I 
remmember well is used in libc (look in the FAQ).

>    I need this for *fast* graphics, and reloading a segment (selector) isn't
>    very fast if i need to do this for every putpix!
Use the farptr thing and load FS 1 time by frame (or just one time in the 

> 2. Does realloc always return the same pointer if i try to shrink a previously
>    allocated chunk of memory?
Take a look to the source ;-).

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