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Subject: Re: Announce: Pixel-perfect collision detection - Allegro Sprites
Date: 1 Aug 1997 06:53:39 GMT
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BDC Client Team (cs19 AT cityscape DOT co DOT uk) writes:
> Hi all,
> thought you might be interested in a set of routines I have just finished.
> They perform pixel-precision collision detection for Allegro sprites, up 
> to 32x32 pixels.  
> You can find them on my web site in the 'Routines' section.
> Neil Chinnery

How many wee^H^H^Hmilliseconds does it take before it returns? :-)

(Actually I suppose such a thing could be made that doesn't take *that*
long. Does it identify which *parts* of a sprite collided? Can it be
scaled up without ending up taking weeks? :))

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