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Subject: Re: Access winsock.dll from djgpp?
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 Robert S Riley Wrote:
> 	Can I access the winsock.dll from djgpp?  If so, how?  If not,
> how can I use winsocks functionality while programming in djgpp?

Currently there are two options available that I am aware of. #1 is a 
nice little library called WSOCK. WSOCK uses the wsock.vxd to access
the winsock features, but it isn't built on the normal winsock specs. 
It uses classes as where the original specs didn't. The url for this
library is below:


The only other way that I am aware of is a program called MPATH. It 
is what quake used to access window's winsock features. The only 
information I know about floating around on it is via Quake source. 
What you would have todo is get a copy and look at net_mp.c I believe 
:). Also You have to make sure to run qlaunch.exe like this 

qlaunch quakeudp.dll foo.exe your_args_here

The only problem I see is what is  how legal is this? :) Of course to 
make it look somewhat legal you could use a Windows Resource editor 
and change the quake logo in qlaunch.exe to something else.

 Chad Catlett
 dwi AT netc DOT com

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