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Subject: Re: Q: OpenDOS-DJGPP problems to be fixed ?
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Date: 4 Aug 97 12:25:48 MET
References: <1997Jul29 DOT 103957 DOT 6142 AT news> <33DCFB62 DOT 7F3D AT primenet DOT com> <5rtrtc$vrf$1 AT news00 DOT btx DOT dtag DOT de>
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p DOT steiner AT t-online DOT de (Peter Steiner) writes:

> When installing the Novell-DOS EMM386 (latest patch) everything works Ok.
> Maybe the fastest fix would be to just use the older version. It would be
> interesting what they changed.

One says that the base of OpenDOS is not the latest Novell DOS - it could
explain some things...



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