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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 11:51:21 +0000 ( )
From: "Gurunandan R. Bhat" <grbhat AT unigoa DOT ernet DOT in>
To: Jeff Weeks <pweeks AT execulink DOT com>
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Subject: Re: Intel Opcodes
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On Fri, 1 Aug 1997, Jeff Weeks wrote:

> > Isn't there
> > anybody with a useful Opcode list? How did you assembler programmers get to
> > know all those cryptic instructions?
> Time and patience... and time... and patience :)  I learned the basics
> from Jeff Duntamen's book.  Borland Turbo Assembler comes with a GREAT
> book listing all the opcodes, the processors they run on, the flags they
> affect, the cycles they take and their hex equivalent!!!  An excellent
> reference, but it probably only comes with TASM.

Without any prejudice to excellent references mentioned in this thread, 
let me add that Richard Hummel's book "The Processor and the Coprocessor" 
contains all this and a short algorithm desscribing the effect of each
keyword/statement too. One limitation though: No pentium specific opcodes,
atleast in the edition that I have. 

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