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Date: Fri, 01 Aug 1997 06:12:55 GMT
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David Jenkins <me AT jenkinsdavid DOT demon DOT co DOT uk> wrote:

>In article <33E06240 DOT 3FE7 AT mindspring DOT com>, Derek Greene
><topcoder AT mindspring DOT com> writes
>>David Jenkins wrote:
>>> Is this Bresenhams circle routine??
>>> Or is it the one where you calculate an eigth of a circle and draw the
>>> full circle from these calcs, never seen that one in action though.
>>according to my info, bresenham's is the one where you calculate the
>Is it faster than the routine I posted??
>I did read about it somewhere, I figured that recalculating the eigth to
>the other 7 eigths would take offset the benefits.

No.  The other 7 octants are simply reflections, so you can generate them
by reversing signs or by swapping x and y.  There is no division in the
algorithm, which is very time consuming even on a Pentium.  The drawback to
Bresenham's circle algorithm is that it can only generate circles, so to
get a circle on an output device without a 1:1 aspect ratio, you need to
switch to an ellipse algorithm.

Here is the algorithm I have for the circle, from Ferraro's book:

d = 3 - 2r
x = 0
y = r

while y > x
	plot	xc+x,yc+y
	plot	xc+x,yc-y
	plot	xc-x,yc+y
	plot	xc-x,yc-y
	plot	xc+y,yc+x
	plot	xc+y,yc-x
	plot	xc-y,yc+x
	plot	xc-y,yc-x

	if d >= 0
		d += 4*(x-y)+10
		d += 4*x + 6


One useful optimization to this algorithm is to eliminate the else clause:

	if d >= 0
		d -= 4*y-4

	d += 4*x + 6

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