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"Majisun" (username AT infowest DOT com) writes:
> What is EMACS?  An IDE?

Nope. It's an operating system in disguise. It is very ancient, and
persists to this day in various forms, all cryptic, crustiferous, laden
with assorted symptoms of creeping featuritis, and with a viruslike
tendency to spread and spread and spread. (It has infected across
platforms. It started on Unix, spread to DOS and Windows, it got the Mac
and even the uncommon Amigas!) In this regard it bears a striking
resemblance to Windows, although it looks quite different on the surface,
and manifests its less desirable qualities not by crashing but using
somewhat subtler means, and thus the prime suspect for unleashing this
virus on the world, the man most likely responsible for its uncounted
thousands of dollars of wasted disk space and other depradations, is a
very young, very computerphilic Bill Gates out to impress his high school
computer teacher. If this is indeed the case, the consequences of EMACS
make the infamous RTM Worm, with its similarly innocuous beginnings and
intent, pale by comparison.

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