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Subject: Re: text video modes
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Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 16:10:14 +1000 (EST)
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> What I am having problems with is that I can't seem to find the modes I
> want.  I am looking for 80x28, 80x43, 80x50. and would love to find
> 132x25, 132x28 and so on.
132-coloumn modes are SVGA text modes and the best way to get them is 
through VESA (i think it's in the faq)
the 80x28, 80x.. modes are non-standard, and I'm not sure how they are 
implemented. I have seen them all in RHIDE and know how to access them 
with Turbo Vision, so my suggestions are:
1) contact the author of RHIDE and ask him (he may or may not watch this 
newsgroup anyway)
2) Get the Turbo Vision port Source Code ( and have a look 
at that!

If you still have problems, EMail me personally and I will peek into the 
TV source myself (I have th eBorland version as well as the DJGPP port) 
and see what I can do.

Good luck!
blp01 AT uow DOT edu DOT au

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