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Gary Tan wrote:
> Hi,
>         can someone pls enlighten me on how to create a library
> ("lib*.a") file??? I've read the readme.1st and faq, but can't seem to
> find any clues?

Libraries are constructed with the 'ar.exe' program.  You can look up
the details in the docs, but the basic syntax to create a library is

  ar rvs libmylib.a file1.o file2.o file3.o file4.o [...]

The 'rvs' flags tell ar to 1) create or replace files in the library
('r'), 2) give details as to what it's doing ('v'), and 3) build a
symbol table for the library ('s').  The second argument is the name of
the library and the rest of the arguments specify files to add. 
Wildcards are acceptable.

>         btw, is copying a library from the UNIX system library dir. to
> My DJGPP\lib okay? I mean is the library cross-platform?

Libraries are never cross-platform, as they represent object code
compiled for a particular machine architecture.  You must find the
source for this library, port it to MS-DOS, and rebuild it.

>         also. If I create a class called Chi_Array, can I use Array
> instead after I
> typedef Chi_Array Array;

Certainly.  A typedef makes the new type exactly equivalent to its
definition.  Examples:

typedef struct junk	JUNK;
JUNK data;   /* = struct junk data; */

typedef JUNK[100]	BIGLIST;
BIGLIST list, list2;   /* struct junk list[100], list2[100]; */


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