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Subject: Re: DJGPP and Win95... a beginner
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Locke wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been programming for many years, but just recently discovered djgpp.
>  I have a question that may sound stupid, but I've never programmed in 32
> bit mode before.  I've searched all the faqs I could find, but to no evail.
>  Anyway, here it is:
> Is there any way I can run a djgpp program in windows 95?  It's not a
> problem for me to shut down to dos every time, but I can't see a normal
> user playing a game that required this (unless it was something amazing,
> like Quake).  Everytime I try to run a program compiled in djgpp from
> windows 95, or a dos box, my system hangs.  I realize too, as I am writing
> this, that all the programs I have tried use the allegro library.  Could it
> be that?
> So anyway, I would just appreciate any input, even if it is "There is no
> way to run a djgpp program from windows 95."
> Thanks,
> locke
just run the program

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