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From: strozek AT free DOT polbox DOT pl
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Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 16:59:59 +0200
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Subject: Problems


I`m from Poland. 
I`ve downloaded DJGPP about two weeks ago. 
I tried to compile the first, very very simple program:

        #include <stdio.h>
	main ()
	  printf ("Hi! I`ve been compiled successfully! \n");
                         (This file is Saved as C:\SPARE\cfirst) 

And wrote:

gcc -o C:\SPARE\crun1 C:\SPARE\cfirst

Unfortunately, I got the message:

go32 version 1.12 Copyright (C) 1994 DJ Delorie
Error: This program requires a version of go32 (1.12.maint3) newer than this

What is this? What newer version? Help me please...

P.S. I downloaded these files:

            łgcc263bn zip
bnu252bn zipłgpp263   zip
bsn122bn zipłgzp124bn zip
dj112m1  docłlgp262bn zip
dj112m1  zipłmak371bn zip
dj112m2  zipłobjc263  zip
dj112m3  zipłreadme   1st
dj112m4  zipłtxi310bn zip
djdev112 zipłunzip386 exe
djdoc112 zipł
djemu112 zipł
djeoe112 zipł
djlgr112 zipł
djlsr112 zipł
djsrc112 zipł
djtst112 zipł
flx247bn zipł

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