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Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 01:30:27 -0700
From: csantill <csantill AT lausd DOT k12 DOT ca DOT us>
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To: djgpp AT delorie DOT com
Subject: Newbie for loop/data type problem

from: csantill AT lausd DOT k12 DOT ca DOT us

I'm having a problem w/a stupid for loop(or maybe I have newbie luck & I
just found a bug in GCC v2.72).  Ok, I know chars are byte values, but
they seemed to be signed in DJGPP (ANSI C dictates that they are
unsigned; but then again, DJGPP isn't ANSI C or ANSI anything else for
that matter).  When I change the RHIDE flag option so that GCC compiles
chars as unsigned bytes I lose a *warning* about something like "data
type limitation".  But, w/the unsigned char flag on, I get an infinite
loop(this pisses me off because I call this function from another
function).  If anybody has a work around (while loop, a mix of C wrapped
in an inline ASM loop) or any other help would be great;

Here's a vague description of my code:

void stupid_error(char get_some_stupid_vars)

  char c;

    /* do some stupid newbie stuff */


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