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Subject: Re: COFF vs STABS debugging
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 15:33:14 +0200
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barc0033 AT centre DOT uwi DOT tt wrote:
> I would like to know if the default for stabs debugging using the symify
> backtrace of the dump, gdb-4.16 thru gcc-2721 and rhide1.3 is only of the
> form:
> function + offset.
> If I use coff debugging I get an output of the form:
> function + offset , line-number in file

You should give us some more and precise information
what you want to do and what you did.

One important thing is which program produces for the
stabs debugging information?

I for instance use the patch for gcc (which will be similar
in the coming new gcc version) to produce stabs debugging
information and it works perfectly. I will never go back
to use the SDB (this is the native COFF debugging format)
debugging information.

Or have you made the mistake to have some files with
stabs debugging and some with SDB debugging?

Or do you try to use the symify.exe program for a program
which have stabs debugging?

> I would like to know if I can change the stabs format to that of the coff

This is now again a little bit confusing for me. It sounds for
me that you have some object files with stabs debugging information
but these files were not made by you.

> Also, should rhide catch arithmetic exceptions and give the backtrace, it
> doesn't do it for me.

Do you mean to get a traceback when you debug the program or
when you simply run it?

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