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00:18:27 Re: ALLEGRO KEYBOARD BUG ? (Vic)
05:48:32 ALLEGRO + NEW 3D LIB (Jawed Karim)
06:01:51 Re: ALLEGRO: Keyboard reading help... (Shawn Hargreaves)
06:42:50 Re: DJGPP is in WAY too many pieces (Chris Croughton)
07:31:49 Re: My second function doesn't work (stupid newbie question) (Michal Mertl)
07:31:52 How to read/modify environment variables? (Martin Bernreuther)
08:35:25 G77 Help (
09:17:38 Re: DJGPP is in WAY too many pieces (Erik Max Francis)
10:18:42 port access in DJGPP (Jeff Weeks)
11:05:18 How get amount of free memory (Jesper Tragardh)
11:35:16 Re: Create DOS 32 bits exe on solaris/unix? (Andrew Crabtree)
12:37:28 Re: A decent MOD library (Tony O'Bryan)
13:25:01 Re: another GUI for Allegro. (Vic)
13:36:59 Re: Allegro & polygon3d (Vic)
14:18:31 Re: DJGPP programs and Windows 95. (George Foot)
15:49:37 profiling (Silent Dreamer)
16:00:52 djgpp-v2 ls.exe (Bill Hogan)
16:19:17 Re: can you answer this (George Foot)
16:49:12 [Ann] JPTUI 4.0a is now available (Jean-Pierre Delprat)
17:48:08 bison error (Gary R Sekinger)
19:36:50 Re: whereis is ? (Manuel Olveira)
20:02:53 Pb with getcwd (Jean-Pierre Delprat)
20:53:45 Re: newbie (Guilherme Silveira)
20:54:03 Re: Allegro: Displaying 640x480 PCX file (Guilherme Silveira)
20:54:38 Draw_Sprite? (Guilherme Silveira)
20:55:16 Dark Age - Screen Shot (Guilherme Silveira)
20:56:34 Re: How to read/modify environment variables? (Guilherme Silveira)
20:59:32 A break for everyone (Guilherme Silveira)
21:00:09 Custom Cursor - Allegro (Guilherme Silveira)

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