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In article <33B013CC DOT E452725B AT po DOT uni-stuttgart DOT de>, 
Martin DOT Bernreuther AT po DOT uni-stuttgart DOT de says...
>I like to write a small tool to add a path to the PATH variable
>only if it's not already in.
>How can I get a hold of the environment variables?
>Is there already a tool to do this?
>Is there maybe a tool just to search a environment variable for
>a string?
I know how to do it in a batch program, though it doesn't have much to do 
with DJGPP!


ECHO I just set the environment variable
REM do other stuff too if you want
goto END
ECHO The environment variable was already set.

It's cumbersome and there's probably a more elegant way, but you could try 
 using a 'system' statement (I have not tried this, and I don't even know 
if it works outside of a batch file)

system("if not %ABC%=XYZ set ABC=XYZ");

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