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In a previous article, NOdbrotherhood AT geocities DOT comSPAM (Michael D. Ryan) says:

>Is the XOR encryption algorithm considered insecure by the NSA.  I
>would like to distribute some basic encryption programs worldwide and
>do not want to get into legal troubles.  As I recall, the laws on
>encryption export only applies to algorithms considered secure by the
>NSA.  The XOR is pretty easy to break using a brute force attack.
>Anyway, can anyone tell me if it would be legal for me to distribute
>an encryption program using XOR world wide, or would I get in trouble.
   If you write to the mpj site in my signature file that follows
the guy there may post it in the US. If it is fun or good the
british will copy so that the world can use it. But unfortunately
we do not live in a free country may be some day but not taday.
you should post this on sci.crypt.

 David A. Scott for serious file encryption and $ contest scott*.zip
contest files ftp in pub/users/d/dscott/
code files in US
in UK

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