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From: Thomas_Christensen AT bc DOT sympatico DOT ca (Thomas Christensen)
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Subject: Help - Warnings from compiler
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 04:01:41 GMT
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When I compile a small program, which has 
#include <cinio.h>
#include <pc.h>
in it I get 2 warnings

.../pc.h(32) Warning: redundant redeclaration of `_conio_kbhit' in
same scope


.../conio.h(66) Warning: previous declaration of `_conio_kbhit'

I checked out the 2 header files and only one of them has the name
_conio_kbhit in it.

could someone tell me why I recieved these warnings.
I more information is needed let me know.

Thomas_Christensen AT bc DOT sympatico DOT ca

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