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To: "'A. Sinan Unur'" <asu1 AT cornell DOT edu>
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Subject: RE: DJGPP IS in way too many pieces
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 18:14:05 +0100
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A big thanks to all of you, it is so reassuring that so many of you can
take the time to point out my error, I wonder if you will be so forth
comming with your opinions when I need some help.

Perhaps I should revise my statement:
Would it be a good idea if DJGPP were broken down into 1.44mb zip files,
so that a disk set could be made up, say a 10 disk set, an installation
program could be implemented so that things such as the environment
variables, and directory structures were set in a predefined manner.
This would probably cut out 90% of the newbie questions, which will save
the amount of mail that you people with a low speed connections have to
down load.

Even more radicaly! Have one big file for people like me who download at
work, and zip onto 10 disks go home and unzip. And have the usual
smaller files which already make up djgpp, just like they do with Quake,
which as we all know was written with djgpp.

Looking forward to your responses

Rob Humphris

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